12 week Software Developer course

Designed to fast-track your career, our intensive tech training course teaches you everything you need to become a Software Developer. Most importantly, we'll get you hired thanks to our team of recruiters and their 2000+ partnerships.

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The course

This full-time, 12-week Software Developer Course is delivered by the best coaches in the business in either our Bristol or London training centres or remotely (all courses will be conducted remotely while Covid-19 affects the UK). By training  in the most up-to-date technical skills, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to become a job-ready Junior Developer. We train people from all backgrounds, many with no coding experience. With a network of more than 2,000 partners worldwide, it’s no surprise 96% of our trainees land a tech job after completing the course.


Client &
Personal Projects

500 Hours
Hands-on Coding

Job on Completion

Earning Potential

96% Job
Placement Rate*

*96% placement into tech-based roles


What You'll Learn

You will gain hands-on experience of coding in multiple programming languages, frameworks and tools that employers are looking for right now. You'll graduate from the course with a portfolio to showcase your coding experience and set you up for a smooth transition into your exciting new career in tech.

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Web Fundamentals
(Weeks 1 - 2)

• Source control: GIT, Github flow, Pull Requests, Code Reviews
• HTML basics: Semantic HTML, accessibility, web page structure & creation
• Responsive design: Design concepts, Grid, Flexbox, Media queries
• Basic DOM interaction to hide & show page elements
• Styling with CSS & CSS preprocessors
• Package management with NPM & Yarn

Web Interactivity
(Week 3)

• Introduction to JavaScript (ES6)
• Variables, Data Types, Scope, Functions, Objects, Arrays
• Further interaction with the DOM to produce more complex applications & functionality
• Loops and Array iterators

Object Oriented Programming & Web Testing
(Week 4)

• Introduction to OOP, Classes & Encapsulation
• Principles of testing
• TDD, Unit testing & Jest
• Continuous Integration with Github & TravisCI

Professional Skills
(Week 5)

• Presentation coaching
• Assertiveness in the workplace
• Active listening
• Dealing with failure
• Teamwork
• Agile projects

JavaScript Frameworks and Client Project
(Week 6 - 9)

• Atomic design & componentisation
• Comparison of popular JS frameworks
• Setting up React
• Components, Props and State in React
• Introduction to Backend As A Service & Firebase
• Build REST APIs using Node.js and Express
• NoSQL databases
• Authentication and Authorization
• Client app pitches
• Real project work on a client project

Architecture, Networks & Testing
(Week 10)

• Designing & understanding Systems Architecture
• Networking fundamentals, hosting & HTTP
• Building on Unit Testing with Integration Testing
• API testing & Postman

(Week 11)

• Making code awesome using clean code principles
• Understanding Agile principles & processes
• Practice Tech tests & assessments

Job Readiness
(Week 12)

• Interview preparation
• CV, LinkedIn & Github refinement
• Mock Business & Technical interviews
• Job searching with tech recruiters
• Employment afternoon with our hiring partners


What our trainees think

A lot can happen in 12 weeks. From their first days as trainees to full-fledged graduates working as Junior Developers, our _nologists have shared their personal experiences.

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Aleo Yakas

Junior Software Developer

“_nology has already helped me develop my tech skills in the four weeks I've been here. The course does an amazing job in consistently introducing new topics in simple and manageable chunks while still remaining enjoyably challenging.”

Matthew Bickell

Junior Software Trainer

“I decided to take the _nology course to develop a new skill-set, and while I had my reservations before the course began, in just these four short weeks I've learned so much. Everyone from trainers to course mates have been nothing but helpful in ensuring we all get the most out of our time here.”

Dan Jones

Junior Web Developer

“The course has been challenging so far, but in a positive, growth way! We are only 4 weeks in and already I can feel a complete shift in mindset starting to occur. You have to be patient, but slowly you start to see the little wins, reinforcing that you are making progress somewhere. Although I enjoy most aspects of the course, the stand out aspect, for me, has to be the quality of training. Liam truly creates an environment where failure is encouraged and learnt from, giving you the time and opportunity to explore, ultimately building confidence in your ability.”

Sam Buckley

Junior Software Engineer

“After I left school I found myself heading in a direction I wasn't happy with. When I heard about _nology I thought it would be a great opportunity to change that.”

Alex Mills

Trainee Web Developer

“Learning to code is challenging, but the rewards are worth it. I am enjoying the challenge and can’t wait to see what else there is to learn.”

Maya Keeley

Junior Software Developer

“I love how _nology focuses on many aspects of the developer; the logic, creativity and even the professional skills. It's not just about being able to code!”

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Course Dates

Course Location: Remote

7th Sep - 27th Nov

Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


11th Jan - 2nd Apr

Sat-Thu 8:30 am - 5:00 pm