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About us

The tech revolutionaries

With unrivalled experience, understanding and vision, we’re best placed to take careers in tech to the next level, open up the opportunities for all and ensure every industry has access to the talent it needs to succeed. Find out why we are the tech revolutionaries…

In 2017, 40,000 UK tech roles went unfilled. That figure is predicted to rise to 100,000 by 2020. There’s lots of potential for people – and not just those from STEM backgrounds – to take advantage of the opportunities the skills gap provides.

We have the conversion training, tools and techniques to help all kinds of motivated, passionate people to become skilled tech professionals. Our understanding of the issues and network are already helping to deliver the far-reaching solutions that are tackling the greatest barrier to entry: experience.

Beyond recruitment, our innovative approach to bridging the gap and creating opportunity is already underpinning workforce planning and encouraging the diversity essential to helping business in every industry to thrive.

Our big ambition is to ensure that every industry across the UK has access to the talent, graduates and professional hires it needs to not only succeed but become world class. To do that, we are investing in insight and championing awareness, administering application and assessment, providing tech conversion training and nurturing community.

Along the way, we’re also ensuring businesses benefit from cost savings, enhanced brand awareness among their target talent at exclusive events, better access to a bigger pipeline of entry level professionals and first pick of graduates - and so gain a more engaged workforce that grows with them.

Only we have the tech and innovation expertise, the partnerships with 1000s of businesses, universities and schools, and the training resources and tools necessary to delivering 360° solutions.

We’re ready for the tech revolution. Are you?


We work with employers from every sector who have a need for tech skills and tech talent. We are seeking to bridge the skills gap by working with all kinds of companies and tech talent. We put in place the training, tools and techniques that will meet the needs of the tech revolution – matching the right people with the right organisation.

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Our partners

We work with a range of organisations committed to creating more diverse workforces in every sector. 

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