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About us

12 week tech training course

We are championing the digital revolution by bringing essential tech skills to all. In just 12 weeks, students will learn three core coding languages and the essential soft skills to launch a thriving tech career.

Why choose a career in tech?

The world is going through a digital revolution and we want to help you be part of that future. The UK economy is currently under huge strain with over 60,000 jobs a year going unfilled in the tech sector.

Most of these positions are in programming or software. We teach core coding skills that can open up career paths in all kinds of industries. We’re passionate about meeting great people and helping them reach their ultimate career goals of freedom and stability.

The tech skills gap is growing and we can help fill it by training the next generation. We don’t believe you need to come from a particular background to be a great addition to the tech sector. We base our selection process on motivation, ambition and raw talent! Anyone can apply and learn more about how their career in tech can start today.

How we can help you

We run a 12 week intensive software course, teaching our students fundamental coding skills to become a junior developer. 

Our team of experts will guide students from the very first day of the course to the first day of their new job and beyond. Once a _nologist, always a _nologist.

Our course is different. It isn’t just classroom learning and theory. It is based around real project work for real clients. This ensures our students can tackle the greatest barrier to entering the tech sector: experience.

After finishing the course learners will have 3 projects under their belt that serve as practical experience.

We are ready for the tech revolution. Are you ready to join us?


Through our partnership with industry leading tech recruitment company, Opus Talent Solutions, we have links to all kinds of companies. Whether hiring a _nologist, putting current employees on our course or partnering with us.

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