Our mission

Our mission

Leading the revolution

Our mission is to bridge the tech skills gap. We are confident we can do this, getting more people into tech roles in more industries, growing diversity along the way.

In 2017, 40,000 technology job roles went unfilled in the UK. Unchecked and further threatened by Brexit, this figure is expected to grow exponentially. By 2020 it is predicted to rise to 100,000. This creates a huge need, which has meant that average earnings in the tech sector are 33% above the national average.

Tech is creative, logical and design-led. It is like writing music, learning a language or writing a business plan – appealing to those from a creative arts or business background just as much as those in IT and science.

We are here to get more people in tech roles across all industries, closing the skills gap and growing diversity along the way. Our programme is set up to guarantee you a job within 6 months.

This begins with championing awareness of opportunities, busting the myth that careers in tech are only for tech professionals, growing our own talent and giving them up-to-date, relevant skillsets.

Where others see challenge, WE see opportunity. We aim to look beyond just STEM graduates by investing in forward-thinking marketing to appeal to and engage individuals from all backgrounds or subject areas. They will then have the tech training required to enter any industry.

We’re bringing the conversation to a new audience, creating new tech candidates with the tech training designed to meet the needs of businesses across the UK.


We work with employers from every sector who have a need for tech skills and tech talent. We are seeking to bridge the skills gap by working with all kinds of companies and tech talent. We put in place the training, tools and techniques that will meet the needs of the tech revolution – matching the right people with the right organisation.

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Our partners

We work with a range of organisations committed to creating more diverse workforces in every sector. 

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