Our mission

Our mission

Creating a new generation of tech talent

_nology are here to close the tech skills gap and launch careers. We want to bring tech to a wider audience, diversify the workforce and create the next generation of talent.

The problem

Skills Gap

The UK tech skills gap is growing exponentially. In 2018, over 60,000 tech roles went unfilled, which is expected to double by 2020. The tech industry is continuing to grow with many new digital jobs being created across multiple sectors. As a result of the demand, tech roles earn on average 33% more than the national average

The lack of skills come  from the misconception surrounding a tech career. Many believe that you must be a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) graduate, creating huge barriers to entry. In addition, the growing lack of diversity in tech only widens this skills gap further. We are restless and are taking matters into our own hands to create a new generation of tech talent.


Across the tech industry just 19% of roles are filled by women, less than 9% at a senior level and less than 0.5% at an executive level. Equally, tech employees from BAME backgrounds make up just 15% of the digital sector.

This makes it incredibly difficult for companies to build diverse teams that can scale effectively.

The Solution

Where others see challenge, we see opportunity.

Great developers don’t have to come from a STEM background. Some of the best developers in the world don’t have degrees at all. Our assessment process looks beyond traditional qualifications for the attributes that really matter to us - ambition, work ethic and an ability to solve problems.

We are in place to teach more people to code, making these skills accessible to individuals from various backgrounds. We are bringing tech to a new audience; to graduates, school leavers, career converters or anyone who wishes to upskill.

We are here to get more people in tech roles across all industries, closing the skills gap and growing diversity along the way. Find out how we can help serve your needs…


Through our partnership with industry leading tech recruitment company, Opus Talent Solutions, we have links to all kinds of companies. Whether hiring a _nologist, putting current employees on our course or partnering with us.

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