Our people

Our people

Meet the people driving the tech revolution

Meet the Tech Revolutionaries: the experts and visionaries behind our drive to help business develop the talent they need and change how people think and feel about Tech careers. Whether you’re a client or candidate, we’re the people you should be talking to.

Amy Golding

Co-founder & CEO

"I’m taking _nology from concept to reality, driving its evolution in line with the changing needs and overseeing every step of the process."

Meet Amy Golding

Peter Anstey


"Beginning to learn code was a revelation for me and spurred me to found _nology. Because if I can do it, anyone can!"

Meet Peter Anstey

Craig Livings

Head of Technology

"I'm passionate about baking this core skill into the _nology programme, creating developers who are creative problem solvers."

Meet Craig Livings

Glyn Blaize

Technical Partnerships Director

"Together with the _nology team, I’m focused on ensuring those on the conversion course are able to put their skills into practice, not just in theory."

Meet Glyn Blaize

Alex Crass

Head of Marketing

"I’m excited about helping to dispel the myth that you need to be a scientist, maths genius or an electrical engineer in order to have a successful career in tech."

Meet Alex Crass

Hatti Webster

Marketing Manager

"It’s also exciting to be part of an innovative, connected, driven and hardworking team, all focused on achieving _nology’s ambitions by using our creative and cultural energy to drive success."

Meet Hatti Webster