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Amy Golding – Founder & CEO

I’m taking _nology from concept to reality, driving its evolution in line with the changing needs and overseeing every step of the process.

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Ben Ridgeway – Senior Account Manager

I'm a people person with a thirst for creating partnerships, making deals and building business. The tech industry has brilliant momentum, I can feel that.

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Alex Crass – Marketing Director

I’m excited about helping to dispel the myth that you need to be a scientist, maths genius or an electrical engineer in order to have a successful career in tech.

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Ollie Holden – Head of Digital Education

Our focus is to build your confidence and resilience until you’re up for any technical challenge.

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Bex Fennelly – Head of Talent

I’m committed to helping as many people as possible, from a range of backgrounds, genders and ages, to take those exciting first steps in the world of tech!

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Sam Joyce – Software Development Coach

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. I'm focussed on giving people the practical skills they need for an exciting career in tech, as well as the personal skills required to ace the interview.

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Chris Brown – Sales Director

Clients tell us what roles they need to fill and what skills they're looking for, and we find hardworking, passionate individuals that want to kickstart their career in tech, often with no previous coding experience.

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Andy Evans – Head of Training

I design our courses to flex and change according to the market, ensuring that our trainees graduate with an in-demand skill set that employers are looking for now!

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Josie Newman – Software Development Coach

My focus is not just in providing a friendly learning environment, but also in making sure the way we teach fits nicely around your individual learning style to make the world of tech more accessible for everyone.

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MICHAEL​ NGUYEN – Talent Data Specialist

I’m committed to helping people from any background, pursue a thriving new career in technology.

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DAN FORDER- Software Development Coach

I’m passionate about giving our trainees the skills and experience to be the best they can be!

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Sasha O’Donovan – Talent Manager

As a people-centric tech enthusiast, I have the pleasure of being a Talent Executive at _nology, where our mission is to find, train and upskill the new generation of tech talent regardless of their background.

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Victoria Jones – Junior Talent Executive

I'm excited about the opportunities that the tech world can unfold, I am passionate about making the tech industry accessible and inclusive and, at the same time, unleashing the potential in people to follow a career in tech, regardless of gender, race, age and ability.

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