Alex Crass

Head of Marketing

More about me

Before _nology I worked in the music industry, most recently as Senior Vice President of Media for Sony Music. I managed a team of 40 PR’s and Marketers whose key objective was to bring new music to a new audience. Now I’m applying my skills and experience as part of the phenomenal team bringing tech to a new and increasingly diverse talent pool.

In an ever increasingly competitive marketplace, devising and implementing a talent acquisition strategy supported by an authentic attraction campaign is fundamental to success. We help our clients find and train tech talent that can’t be reached via traditional methods.

I’m excited about helping to dispel the myth that you need to be a scientist, maths genius or an electrical engineer in order to have a successful career in tech. _nology allows me to do that and offers an affordable training solution to those that want to exploit the wealth of opportunities that careers in tech offer.

Ben Ridgeway

"I'm a people person with a thirst for creating partnerships, making deals and building business. The tech industry has brilliant momentum, I can feel that."

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Amy Golding

"I’m taking _nology from concept to reality, driving its evolution in line with the changing needs and overseeing every step of the process."

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Peter Anstey

"Beginning to learn code was a revelation for me and spurred me to found _nology. Because if I can do it, anyone can!"

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Craig Livings

"I'm passionate about baking this core skill into the _nology programme, creating developers who are creative problem solvers."

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Hatti Webster

"It’s also exciting to be part of an innovative, connected, driven and hardworking team, all focused on achieving _nology’s ambitions by using our creative and cultural energy to drive success."

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