Craig Livings

Technical Director

More about me

I’ve always been in technology. By the time I left school I had been building computers and writing code for a decade. I then got invaluable experience with a local IT company which gave me the opportunity to solve real problems every day – the fundamental core of being a technologist. Today, I'm passionate about baking this core skill into the _nology programme, creating developers who are creative problem solvers.

Over the years I've been a professional developer, infrastructure consultant, agile coach, technical trainer, software consultant and a director of my own business. So I understand the diversity of opportunity the tech sector offers.

Now I get to apply all the elements of my experience to help fill the skills gap that we've all been frustrated by for so long. Our programme sets out to simulate a real working environment and readies capable people for the reality of professional software development.

I'm over the moon to be part of this amazing team and help so many people make their start in the best career in the world.

Ollie Holden

"At _nology we deliver practical and immersive training that gets people enthused and confident as coding professionals from day one."

Meet Ollie

Liam Farrell

"I think getting into tech should be more accessible and appealing. So I try to do that by incorporating interesting and modern tech where I can."

Meet Liam

Peter Anstey

"Beginning to learn code was a revelation for me and spurred me to found _nology. Because if I can do it, anyone can!"

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Glyn Blaize

"Together with the _nology team, I’m focused on ensuring those on the conversion course are able to put their skills into practice, not just in theory."

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Alex Crass

"I’m excited about helping to dispel the myth that you need to be a scientist, maths genius or an electrical engineer in order to have a successful career in tech."

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Shea Murphy

"To ensure I support candidates throughout their journey, I draw on both my experience learning in intensive settings and years of teaching."

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