Glyn Blaize

Technical Partnerships Director

More about me

My career in the tech industry really took off when I launched tech start-up in 2015 with the aim of reimagining employee performance appraisals and harnessing the engagement of the diverse workforce.

The platform’s success, together with my experience as a professional sportsman, director of a Virgin Fast Track business and my involvement in social action mentoring projects, gives me the energy and confidence essential to bringing a unique approach to managing employee performance and personal motivation.

At _nology, I’m the student success advisor. So I mainly provide students with real life application of their skills within the research and development stream. NORTHSTAR is a partner organisation and so enables students to actually apply their skills in a workable setting – amplifying their success beyond the course and into a career.

Together with the _nology team, I’m focused on ensuring those on the conversion course are able to put their skills into practice, not just in theory.

Amy Golding

"I’m taking _nology from concept to reality, driving its evolution in line with the changing needs and overseeing every step of the process."

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Peter Anstey

"Beginning to learn code was a revelation for me and spurred me to found _nology. Because if I can do it, anyone can!"

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Craig Livings

"I'm passionate about baking this core skill into the _nology programme, creating developers who are creative problem solvers."

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Alex Crass

"I’m excited about helping to dispel the myth that you need to be a scientist, maths genius or an electrical engineer in order to have a successful career in tech."

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Hatti Webster

"It’s also exciting to be part of an innovative, connected, driven and hardworking team, all focused on achieving _nology’s ambitions by using our creative and cultural energy to drive success."

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