Tech Accelerator Training Course
September 2019 intake

Applications for the Deutsche Bank Tech Accelerator are now closed.

If you are interested in learning to code, why not come along to our next Learn to Code: Information Day by clicking here, or if you are ready to start learning to code, apply here


Our programme is aimed at tackling the skills shortage within digital finance, an area Deutsche Bank are heavily committed to championing. A highly competitive salary will be offered.

The initial training focuses on coding principles, agile working & digital transformation. You will learn how to write web applications at a basic level and set in place key learning principles to launch a tech career at one of the world’s largest investment banks. This will place you at the forefront of digital transformation within finance, an opportunity not to be missed. Deadline for applications is the 20th June 2019.

  • Training & Role

    The training programme is 14 weeks, fully-funded by Deutsche Bank and powered by us here at _nology. Upon completion of your training, you will join their tech team as a software developer, with a highly competitive salary, in just 14 weeks. The role will be based at their state-of-the-art offices in their Canary Wharf European Headquarters. The best bit - we don't require any previous tech experience!

    Being a software developer is much more than just writing code. It involves creative problem solving, innovation and is bursting with possibility. Our training program aims to encourage creative thinking, idea generation and collaboration – creating new mindsets to face the upcoming technological revolution.

    We structure our learning around key areas of programming, introducing concepts on the following languages:

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Java
    • Angular

    If you’re unfamiliar with these, don’t worry! The idea of the program is to teach you how they work with one another to create great products.

    During these 14 weeks, you will work full time from our training offices in Moorgate before transitioning to the Deutsche Bank offices in Canary Wharf. You will form an agile training team, learning by doing! We will spend time understanding how software products are built in different companies in different industries. This will allow you to be able to solve complex problems with simple solutions – focussing on adaptability in a software role.

    We are currently piloting just 12 places on this highly sought-after opportunity to launch your tech career with a leading investment bank. Your team will become a tight-knit group over the fully immersive training period, before integrating into the wider tech department. By the end of the 14 weeks, we aim to bring everyone up to speed with this world leading technology function, bringing your new mindset to this era of change.

  • Selection process

    We will be running assessment days where you can come learn more about careers in tech, interview with our team and build apps. These will be run throughout June & July so please apply now to book your place.

    • Stage 1 - Phone Interview
    • Stage 2 - Assessment Centre
    • Stage 3 - Aptitude assessment
    • Stage 4 - Final Interview
  • Selection criteria

    Firstly, apply! We love talking tech with people looking to either start their tech future or change career so if you’re unsure please get in touch to find out more. The type of people we want to speak to probably think like this…

    • Passionate about technology
    • Creative problem solving skills
    • Ambitious attitude and Self-Starter mentality
    • Eager to learn
    • Industrious and hard-working
    • Idea generators
  • Course information
    • Based in Central London
    • All equipment, including high spec laptops provided
    • Working hours are 8.30am - 5.30pm
    • Start date is September 16th
    • Training period - 14 weeks full time
  • Post course job information
    • Role starting once the course has finished
    • Based in Canary Wharf
    • Highly competitive salary
    • Job Title - Software Engineer
  • Self supported

    A 14 week _nology training course would usually cost over £7,500. Deutsche Bank have invested to pay for the training in its entirety. As well as offering a paid job to those completing the course. To access this training you will need to be able to support yourself in London for 14 weeks during the training period. For more information on this please discuss options with our team - you can use live chat, book a call or email us 


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