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  • What is _nology?

    Founded in Bristol 2018, _nology is a tech education provider. Our 12-16 week tech training courses are designed to ensure that all our students will be guaranteed a job upon completion of the course, regardless of your age, background or experience. Anybody can get into a thriving tech career, and we are here to prove that.

  • What is our mission?

    We are on a mission to enable more people to learn to code in an accessible way, regardless of background. Our 12-16 week courses enable this, and create a new generation of tech talent to serve the changing needs of today's workplace. We hope that in doing so, we can help bridge the every-growing tech skills gap and diversify the tech workforce.

  • Where are we based?

    We are based in Bristol and London, our bristol office is just a stones-throw away from Temple Meads and our London office is a 3 minute walk from Moorgate tube station. As we continue to grow and expand, we will be launching more locations. Watch this space!

  • What makes _nology different?

    At _nology, we are partnered with the UK's fastest growing tech recruitment company. They are experts in their field which means we are well connected to over 2,000 tech clients, making our job guarantee incredibly straight forward. This gives our students opportunity to talk with our recruitment consultants with regards to career advice, technical assistance and networking.

  • How long is the course?

    The courses are full-time 8:30am - 5:30pm for 12 or 16 weeks. During this time you will learn to code from experts, ready to change your life and career, leaving with 3 core projects to put in your professional portfolio of work.

  • Do I need any qualifications to apply?

    Our mission at _nology is to make tech skills accessible for all. As a result, there are no pre-requisites to joining the course. We celebrate all backgrounds and experiences, and welcome everyone to join the course.

    As opposed to looking for prior experience in tech, we look for work ethic, motivation, resilience, dedication and tenacity – all traits that we believe to be key in today's workplace.

  • What will I learn?

    You will learn to code in 3 languages – HTML, CSS and Javascript. These are all the key languages behind web applications or websites, and are in high demand from today’s employers. You will complete the course with three projects for clients, along with expert soft skills training to ensure our students are as well rounded as possible.

  • Getting a job after the course: Our Services

    We are confident that after the course you will be highly skilled to launch your career in tech. At the end of the course, you will receive full support to help you land your dream job. Our partnership with Tech Recruitment company Opus gives us access to over 2,000 companies and 250 specialist tech recruitment consultants who will be on hand to advise you on all stages of your job search and connect you with one of our many clients.

    Our latest intake of students had a 95% employment rate just 7 days after finishing. You can expect to earn on average between £25-28,000 after just 12 weeks of learning.

  • What is the application process?

    Step 1 – Application! You can apply easily online. You can also get in touch by email.

    Step 2 – Phone call: Once you have applied, one of our team will set up a simple phone conversation with you. Here, we will discuss your motivations and ambitions, as well as giving you a full overview of the course, our next intake and answer all your questions.

    Step 3 – Meet the team: You will then be invited to come and join us in our Bristol HQ to meet the team, discuss your CV and past experience. As previously stated, no prior experience is needed – so don’t worry! We are more looking to ensure your personal traits and motivations align to our way of teaching, our syllabus and the tech world.

    Step 4 – An intro to tech: You will then meet our tech team, and learn from them an introduction to tech. This will include building an app in just 2 hours. Again, no experience is needed to successfully participate.

    Step 5 – Offer: By this point, we will hopefully be sending out an offer and contract to join our upcoming intake! We look forward to having you on board.

  • Who is the course right for?

    Our course is right for anyone who has an interest in joining the increasingly digitalised world we live in. We don’t require any prior experience, and so a _nologist is simply selected based on attitude.

    Our students are curious about everything, keen to solve problems and craft their tech career. We look for traits such as: work ethic, motivation, resilience, ambition, creativity, problem solving, dedication and tenacity. Provided you have this, we can teach you the rest.

  • What are my career prospects?

    We have over 2,000 hiring partners and dedicated tech recruitment consultants which makes a _nologists career prospects incredibly positive! Our latest intake saw 95% of our students in full-time work within a week! We are committed to ensuring everyone is supported in their tech career and have built our training to facilitate this – being agile to the changing needs of the workplace.

  • Is the course officially accredited?

    Whilst we are committed to providing industry leading training and career support, we are not currently accredited or certified by any official education bodies. This is because we evolve our course on a regular basis due to the rapidly evolving world of tech. This means that we are currently not eligible for student loan options.

  • How are successful applicants chosen?

    We don’t require previous tech experience or knowledge. Instead we hire our students on their aptitude to learn and adapt. We look for key traits such as work ethic, motivation, resilience, ambition, creativity, problem solving, dedication and tenacity. We are selective so that we ensure our students can thrive with our long list of hiring partners.

  • Do you consider non-EU applicants?

    We do. Anyone can do the _nology course, however we do not at this stage provide sponsorship for Visa’s. Subsequently, applicants will need to secure their Visa prior to starting the course. You can find Visa support and resources on the Government website.

  • What is the pre-course work?

    The pre-course work is around 40 hours of self-paced coding challenges chosen to give you the best possible head start on the course. You will complete challenges in HTML, CSS and Javascript, covering the basics in advance so we can focus on the more advanced topics, sooner.

  • How much do the courses cost?

    The cost for our full-time, 12 week training course is £6,975 inc. VAT and our 16 week training course is £8,975 inc. VAT. Both costs are inclusive of a non-refundable deposit of £1,200.

    This is also inclusive of our full, expert training and post-course careers service to ensure you land your dream job in tech. We are confident this will happen in no time!


  • Do I have to pay the cost up front?

    The course cost is payable prior to starting your training. For help with funding, we have partnered with the UK's largest private student lender, Future Finance, who offer loans to cover course tuition fees as well as living costs whilst on the course.

    Alternatively, many UK banks offer a range of personal development loans to help you on your way.



  • Are there payment options?

    You can either pay the course cost of £6,975/£8,975 inc. VAT up front, or pay using Future Finance, our official funding partner that offers loans to cover tuition fees. For personal loan options, we recommend contacting your personal bank.



  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?

    If you need to cancel for any reason we will try and help find a more suitable start date for you. In the rare situation you cancel entirely it is at the risk of your deposit.

  • What if I want to do the course but cannot afford it?

    _nology have partnered with the UK's largest private student lender, Future Finance, who offer loans to cover course tuition fees as well as living costs whilst on the course.Please get in touch by emailing if you wish to discuss your options further. 


Through our partnership with industry leading tech recruitment company, Opus Talent Solutions, we have links to all kinds of companies. Whether hiring a _nologist, putting current employees on our course or partnering with us.

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