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Tech conversion courses

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We have developed tech conversion courses that transform careers. We’re already helping many graduates and professionals take advantage of the endless opportunities that exist in every sector with our tech conversion training courses. Find out how we can help you…

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Our unique Tech conversion scheme is designed to equip you with the tech skills you need to excel in any sector and for a range of employers.

Everyone begins with 12 weeks of real development experience, followed by monthly meet-ups, seminars and hackathons. Developers leaving our course will have at least 3 genuine projects under their belt which sets them apart from the market and starts to build their portfolio for potential employers.

We’ve built our training model to reflect the industry, you’ll work in an Agile environment, using eXtreme Programming practices such as pair programming and test driven development. You’ll collaborate with other students on core projects, solve complex issues with creative solutions and present your findings to stakeholders in real life scenarios.

Finding and training the tech talent you need

We are addressing the shortage of tech skills by growing our own. We find talent and nurture it through our tech skills conversion course. This is specifically designed to meet the needs of tech talent of leading employers

Course outline

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_nologists do much more than just writing code or building web apps. The 12 week course equips individuals with core, relevant tech skills along with an understanding of what it means to work in a dynamic, agile environment.

  • Development Fundamentals

    It’s time to get confident with the basics of website development. 

    We begin your journey by writing and deploying code to production on your first day. Seeing it live from anywhere in the world. Then we concentrate on building an interactive CV from scratch using nothing but HTML and CSS.

    By the end of the first week. You'll be proud to see your website live on the internet that employers, friends and family can see on mobile, desktop and even send you a message!

    In week 2 we introduce intermediate HTML/CSS concepts alongside server-side javascript to allow you to enhance your site with animation and interactive controls.

    • Using Chocolatey to install software
    • VSCode introduction
    • CSS/HTML fundamentals
    • Layout and colour
    • Responsive design
    • Sending email
    • Using templates and components to speed up development
    • Testing
    • Accessibility and CSS animations
    • Introduction to Bootstrap
    • Introduction to jQuery
  • It’s not all code

    Fact is, Nologists aren’t here just to learn how to code. We want to help them improve in all aspects of their professional life. Key business skills like stakeholder management and presentation style is fundamental to long term success.

    You'll spend your third week working on all the things that make you a rounded professional, and at the end of the week give a 10 minute 'TED' talk to a guest speaker.

    • Presentation technique
    • Demo technique
    • Gathering feedback
    • Professionalism
    • Work ethic
    • Time management
    • Agile software fundamentals
    • Holistic competency review and feedback
  • Front-end Javascript

    Javascript is one of the most flexible and common programming languages in the world, used in robotics, apps, websites and hardware it is quickly becoming essential to the success of any professional developer. Inspired by Google's approach to software development, we use Angular and Firebase to quickly build web-apps in an industry standard way - setting you up to use similar technologies in your development career.

    We start this section by choosing a project to work on for a real client. We gather requirements and solve their problem using Angular incrementally, giving frequent feedback and improving the product gradually. We do a live release when the client is happy and see your app being used by real users!

    In this section we cover:

    • Gathering requirements
    • TypeScript fundamentals
    • Angular fundamentals
    • Routing
    • Templates, services, styles, directives & binding
    • Template and reactive forms
    • Authentication and authorisation, consuming APIs
    • Persisting data using Firebase
    • Releasing angular applications to Heroku
    • Redux
    • Unit testing
    • Integration testing
  • Design

    An essential skill in any developer's toolkit is learning how to make things look good. We explore different design principles and look at some of the resources available to speed up the design process, including pre-made components available on the web.

    In week 8, we choose, plan and architect our final project - a web app for a real client using separate front and back-end services that we build using the MEAN stack - Mongo, Express, Angular and Node.js. 

    • Design principles - balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast and space
    • Web components overview
    • Material design
    • Design with Bootstrap
    • Introduction to software architecture
  • Back-end Javascript and Databases

    Sometimes, problems are too big to solve with just 1 server. Our final project puts all your skills to the test to solve a complex problem for a real customer, while bringing in new tech to learn such as node.js and MongoDB. This project is designed to simulate an enterprise environment and we use multiple servers, talking to each other using APIs to separate responsibility and increase performance. 

    • Getting started
    • Modules
    • Managing packages
    • Introduction to express
    • RESTful API design
    • Creating, reading, updating and deleting data
    • Authentication and authorisation
    • Relational and non-relational database concepts
    • Non-relational relationships
    • Installing MongoDB
    • Accessing Mongo Atlas
    • Data persistence with MongoDB
    • Multi-server deployment
    • Handling and logging errors
    • Unit testing
    • Deployment
  • Job Ready

    In week 12 we get you ready for your next developer role. We introduce you to networking, security and pair you with a mentor who will work with you to ensure that you nail that all-important interview. At the end of the course, we demo our course projects to guest speakers and even introduce you to prospective employers.

    • Networking basics
    • Security basics
    • Job seeking technique
    • Interview technique
    • LinkedIn
    • CV technique
    • Soft skill review
    • Project demos

How we learn

You aren’t here to learn how to code, you’re here to launch a career in software development. That’s why we bring clients into the process of training; why we insist in work ethic above all else and why we have built a course that looks at your employability first. You will learn with your peers, experience the epic highs of presenting your very own projects and the frustrating lows of not being able to solve complex problems.

Fundamentally we’re aiming to help students of the _nology training program launch a career in the tech industry. As the business language of the future, coding allows our students to pick many career paths and we’re here for life to plot the route.

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