Two Day Tech Taster Course

Two Day Tech Taster Course

Learn something new this summer, learn to code

Introducing our two day tech taster courses in Bristol and London. Come and see what life is like on our _nology course and learn to code in 2 days!

Learn to code with our accessible 2 day tech taster course

Come and learn to code this summer with the UK’s most respected tech bootcamp, as we launch our accessible two day taster course. Whether you are keen to pick up a new skill over summer, or want to learn more about life on our course before committing – this option is perfect.

We are on a mission to change the way technology is perceived. Yes, it's coding but it's also creative, logical, problem solving and so much more. The best bit is that you don’t have to be from a STEM background to join this industry, and we are here to prove it. Our 12 week course is bringing tech to the masses, and you can have a taster of the course this summer over two days!

Tech Taster Course

Starting with programming fundamentals and moving through basic software skills, we will work towards building an interactive game called Cops n' Robbers. You will learn how to build in HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery and JavaScript - some of the most popular coding languages in the world for front-end developement. In the mornings you will learn how to use code to bring ideas to life and in the afternoons, take real requirements from the game and build them out yourself.

The course has been developed by our world class tech team - who have created products for some of the most exciting companies in the world. Over two full days you will learn awe inspiring things in hours that would normally take weeks, and dip your toe into the vast tech ocean.

Anyone is welcome to attend these taster sessions, although we will cap the class size to prevent over-subscribing.

Day structure 

Day 1

  • 9am – 10am: Course welcome and getting started
  • 10am – 1pm: Building interfaces with HTML5 and Bootstrap
  • 1pm – 2pm: Lunch
  • 2pm – 4pm: Practice - Building the interface for Cops n Robbers
  • 4pm – 5pm: Clean code principles and improving your HTML

Day 2

  • 9am – 11:30am: Building interactivity with jQuery and Javascript
  • 11:30am - 1pm: Practice - Bringing interactivity to cops n robbers
  • 1pm – 2pm: Lunch
  • 2pm – 4pm: Practice - Bringing interactivity to cops n robbers
  • 4pm – 5pm: Clean code principles and improving your Javascript

Sign up

To sign up now please purchase a ticket using the link below. Please note spaces are limited and it’s first come first serve.

Hear from our _nologists







What our _nologists say

“It has been really interesting to open up the creative side of my brain, which I didn’t expect from a tech course!. It has been so great to overcome new challenges with the support of others.”


“If you had told me that I would have coded a entire website in just two weeks, I wouldn’t have believed it! We learn at such a fast pace and the environment is so supportive.”


“My knowledge has grown in such a short amount of time, more than I could have imagined before the course started.”


“I feel positive about how helpful and supportive the trainers and other students have been. Everyone tries to help each other!”


“Nology has helped me learn where I want my career to go already, and I am excited by the amazing opportunities I can get in web development.”


“I have really enjoyed the fact that we demo our projects to real businesses at the end of each week. This allows us to get some real, meaningful feedback on how to improve, much like we would in the working world.”


“Until I started the course at nology, I didn’t realise that you could go into almost any sector with tech skills – there is such a big demand!”


“I have felt at no disadvantage having not had any prior experience or preparation. There has been lots of space to develop my skills without feeling behind.”


“I assumed the course was going to be a lot of computer jargon, however it has been incredibly accessible for someone who has never done this before like myself.”


“It has become apparent how having these skills opens up so many opportunities which require the skills that we are learning!”


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