Where can tech take you?

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Find out more about the kinds of opportunities you can look forward to after your tech conversion training course. Explore tech roles and what might suit you best.

Where can a career in tech take you?

From fast paced start-ups to world leading tech juggernauts, our partners hire from our academy, hand-picking the best talent. We’ll put you in the right place, at the right time, raise your profile and prove your credibility as a candidate. Multiple networking sessions, real world experience and support from our dedicated careers team will ensure you not only find your way but can confidently negotiate the right tech career path for you.

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Breaking down tech careers - what's right for you?

Tech area

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Potential roles

Design & digital


Why use Instagram, not Facebook? Or Snapchat over Twitter? What’s your go to website for browsing furniture or holidays? Have you ever thought about why? Those are questions designers ask themselves every day.

Developer, Engineer, Designer, Consultant, Front end

Back-end development


Are you curious? Always asking how things work? Forever taking things apart and putting them back together? Has one-click buying with Amazon changed your life? You have back end developers to thank.

Developer, Engineer, Programmer, Back end

Project management


Do you naturally take the lead in group activities? Do you love working in a team? Do you always end up organising friend’s holidays and big nights out? Project Management is about bringing everything together and delivering change.

Project manager, Product manager, Architecture, BA, Project controller, Programme director

Infrastructure & core technology


Are you detail orientated? Are you the first one to spot the twist in the plot or the flaw in an argument? Do you follow recipes to the letter? Ever have a website take too long to load? How about when it crashes? This role makes sure your system does what it says it will and keeps hackers out of your data.

Support engineers, Infrastructure Systems admin, Dev-ops, Network engineer

Tech sales & marketing


Does the party start when you arrive? Do you bring people together and love making them laugh? Do you know all the gossip and keep up-to-date with current trends? Sales and Marketing work together to bring ideas to life. You’ll need to know what the next big innovation is and how to make money out of it.

Account manager, Business development manager, Sales associate

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We work with employers from every sector who have a need for tech skills and tech talent. We are seeking to bridge the skills gap by working with all kinds of companies and tech talent. We put in place the training, tools and techniques that will meet the needs of the tech revolution – matching the right people with the right organisation.

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