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_nology is a tech training and talent hub, focused on bridging the skills gap and improving diversity in technology teams.

We can tap into diverse talent pools because we select candidates based on their mindset and capability, rather than past experience. We attract, train, and support a diverse range of individuals who are keen to launch a career in technology, and place them into your projects as consultants.

You then have the option to turn your consultants into permanent employees, allowing for greater strength in hard-to-find skill sets, as well as increased diversity.

_nology are always focused on supporting both our clients and consultants at every step of the journey.

Global Presence

We're part of something bigger

We’re part of Opus Talent Solutions – a global tech talent provider with 8 offices spanning the globe.

We current have _nology offices located in Bristol, London and Sydney with further expansion in the pipeline.


Our Services

There are several ways we can support your business with _nology, but there’s no reason you can’t mix it up. We’re here to find the best solutions for you.

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Nology | Hire Consultants

Hire Consultants

Looking for tech talent and quickly? Our Technology Consultancy Programme attracts and trains individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, and turns them into brilliant Developers who are great employees, too! Inject your tech team with contract hires from our thriving consultancy programme or speak to us about our bespoke offerings.

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Nology | Tech Retraining

Tech Retraining

Stay one step ahead and make technology work for you, by retraining your team with _nology. We design courses to train or upskill existing employees so you can keep your most valuable talent relevant, and focus on future objectives without the burden of costly hiring campaigns.

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Nology | Client Project

Client Project

Here at _nology we pride ourselves on simulating the workplace, that’s why on every course we work with our clients as well as start-ups and founders from the tech community, to gather their requirements, build their software and solve real business problems.

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Nology | Case Studies

Case Studies

We work with some brilliant businesses. From start-ups to global organisations, here are the clients who have trusted us to transform the role of technology in their organisations:

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Nology | About _nology

About _nology

Hi there! We’re _nology - a tech training and talent hub committed to creating a more diverse, skilled workforce of the future. Our goal is to break down barriers and remove obstacles to entering the tech sector so that everyone, from any background, can find a career they’re truly passionate about. We work with clients to retrain and upskill their existing teams, and host bespoke training sessions to provide them with job-ready consultants with the exact tech stack they require.

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Our Mission

The business case for better diversity

The skills shortage in technology costs the UK economy an estimated £63billion a year – yet traditional avenues of education don’t offer enough people a way in. We’re on a mission to close the digital skills gap by connecting you with truly brilliant people to create more diverse workforces: a proven foundation of top-performing teams. That’s true talent in TECHnicolour.

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What our clients say

Feedback from our clients

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Aleo Yakas

Junior Software Developer

“_nology has already helped me develop my tech skills in the four weeks I've been here. The course does an amazing job in consistently introducing new topics in simple and manageable chunks while still remaining enjoyably challenging.”

Clara Fitzgerald

Junior Software Developer

“Although I was torn between _nology and a Masters, after just 4 weeks I’m sure I made the right decision.”

Dan Jones

Junior Web Developer

“The course has been challenging so far, but in a positive, growth way! We are only 4 weeks in and already I can feel a complete shift in mindset starting to occur. You have to be patient, but slowly you start to see the little wins, reinforcing that you are making progress somewhere. Although I enjoy most aspects of the course, the stand out aspect, for me, has to be the quality of training. Liam truly creates an environment where failure is encouraged and learnt from, giving you the time and opportunity to explore, ultimately building confidence in your ability.”

Find and hire tech talent

Whether you’ve identified areas of improvement, or you’re looking for support to build new cultures, processes and teams, speak to the _nology to discover how we can help.