Creating the next generation of tech talent – now.

As the world of work continues to change, and employers face increasing challenges to fill essential tech roles, find out about our revolutionary approach to bridging the tech skills gap to find the talent you need now.

Helping you find tech talent

We can help you to scale – even in tech: one of the most talent short markets in the UK.

Because we are creating talent where it doesn’t currently exist, going beyond capturing and controlling the current talent pool, finding raw talent and training them to become the Tech superstars your business needs.

Recruiting from traditional and non-traditional pools means we can also tackle the diversity issue at entry level. Along the way, we’re not only filling roles essential to your sustained success and growth, we’re also helping your CSR credentials by supporting, engaging and retaining people from ethic minority groups, women returning to work and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our services

Our services are specifically designed to transform challenge into opportunity. We know and understand the issues, and so we have put in place the strategies to resolve them, helping you fill your tech talent shortage now and building a sustainable pipeline of talent for the future.

And so while your recruitment solution will be matched exactly to your operational needs and strategic vision, it will be developed from a range of services and strategies we have developed to match companies with candidates in the most effective, impactful way. This includes supplying candidates who have undergone our tech conversion courses and helping you connect with talent at our Tech insight Days. 

Taking a multi-faceted approach, we set out to:

  • CAPTURE attention – Changing the narrative and debunking myths to engage with potential candidates, amplify opportunity and reassure.
  • EDUCATE talent – Answering every question, on everything from the industry to individual opportunity and earning potential, through a structured schedule of events, marketing and insight days.
  • ASSESS ability – Looking at aptitude, attitude, ambition, social skills to find our ‘nologists’.
  • MATCH clients – Getting to know you to match you with people that share your motivations, personality, Technical skills and cultural fit.
  • DEVELOP skills – Through a custom-built, 12-month Tech conversion course.
  • NURTURE community – Because every placement is part of something bigger, we foster and enable a community of peers, their support network and on-going holistic learning.


We work with employers from every sector who have a need for tech skills and tech talent. We are seeking to bridge the skills gap by working with all kinds of companies and tech talent. We put in place the training, tools and techniques that will meet the needs of the tech revolution – matching the right people with the right organisation.

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