Finding tech talent

Finding tech talent

Everything you need to succeed

Matching companies with candidates has always been a challenge, even without the added pressure of a tech skills shortage. This is why we have set out to develop a range of services that not only rise to the challenge, but exceed expectations. We champion opportunities, nurture and develop talent, putting our all in to help you get more out.

Finding and training the tech talent you need

We are addressing the shortage of tech skills by growing our own. We find talent and nurture it through our tech skills conversion course. This is specifically designed to meet the needs of tech talent of leading employers

Course outline

_nologists do much more than just writing code or building web apps. The 12 week course equips individuals with core, relevant tech skills along with an understanding of what it means to work in a dynamic, agile environment.

  • Development fundamentals
    • Using Chocolatey to install software
    • VSCode introduction
    • CSS/HTML fundamentals
    • Layout and colour
    • Responsive design
    • Sending email
    • Using templates and components to speed up development
    • Testing
    • Accessibility and CSS animations
    • Introduction to Bootstrap
    • Introduction to jQuery
  • It’s not all code
    • Presentation technique
    • Demo technique
    • Gathering feedback
    • Professionalism
    • Work ethic
    • Time management
    • Agile software fundamentals
    • Holistic competency review and feedback
  • Front-end Javascript
    • Gathering requirements
    • TypeScript fundamentals
    • Angular fundamentals
    • Routing
    • Templates, services, styles, directives & binding
    • Template and reactive forms
    • Authentication and authorisation, consuming APIs
    • Persisting data using Firebase
    • Releasing angular applications to Heroku
    • Redux
    • Unit testing
    • Integration testing
  • Design
    • Design principles - balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast and space
    • Web components overview
    • Material design
    • Design with Bootstrap
    • Introduction to software architecture
  • Back-end Javascript and Databases
    • Getting started
    • Modules
    • Managing packages
    • Introduction to express
    • RESTful API design
    • Creating, reading, updating and deleting data
    • Authentication and authorisation
    • Relational and non-relational database concepts
    • Non-relational relationships
    • Installing MongoDB
    • Accessing Mongo Atlas
    • Data persistence with MongoDB
    • Multi-server deployment
    • Handling and logging errors
    • Unit testing
    • Deployment
  • Job Ready
    • Networking basics
    • Security basics
    • Job seeking technique
    • Interview technique
    • LinkedIn
    • CV technique
    • Soft skill review
    • Project demos

Fundamentally we’re aiming to help students of the _nology training programme launch a career in the tech industry. As the business language of the future, coding allows our students to pick many career paths and we’re here for life to plot the route.

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We work with employers from every sector who have a need for tech skills and tech talent. We are seeking to bridge the skills gap by working with all kinds of companies and tech talent. We put in place the training, tools and techniques that will meet the needs of the tech revolution – matching the right people with the right organisation.

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We work with a range of organisations committed to creating more diverse workforces in every sector. 

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