Finding tech talent

Finding tech talent

How _nology can help you succeed

We are very aware that matching companies with candidates is difficult enough, without the added pressure of a lack of skilled people to fill roles. Once you take away the need for experience your talent pool has just grown 10 times over.

Finding and training the tech talent you need

Our mission to enable more people to learn to code starts right here with our 12-week tech training course. We find the right talent to fit your company culture, values and requirements and nurture it throughout the programme. This means you don’t have to flex on your hiring aims to get the tech skills you need.

Our Client offerings

Solution 1: Hire a _nologist

Hire industry ready Junior Developers who know how to code and build products Front to Back end, with skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Download our brochure to see the course breakdown.

Solution 2: Employee Upskilling

Is there someone in your company who could be great in your tech team? Send them on our course for 12 weeks and invest in what you already have through our upskilling offering.

Solution 3: Bespoke training course

If you're thinking about overhauling your current training model, let us help. We build bespoke courses to match tech stacks, company structure and hiring strategies. Let's work together to re-design how your digital talent force looks.

Our course

Our _nologists learn to code, develop their front end and back end capabilities and learn essential soft skills to build business confidence. The 12 week course is constructed to be representative of a real world dynamic, agile environment.

See what our _nologists will learn in their 12 week course:
  • Students will complete 3 core projects:

    Personal interest project

    Choose anything you like to build on the course, we help you throughout giving you the support you need to complete something awesome. In the past students have chosen websites, their own app ideas and even robots!

    Client projects

    Your group chooses up to 2 real client projects to complete on the course. Clients come in and pitch their ideas to you. You’ll gather their requirements and solve their problem incrementally, giving frequent feedback and improving the product gradually. We do a live release when the client is happy and see your app being used by real users!

  • Web Fundamentals

    It’s time to get confident with the basics of website development.

    We begin your journey by writing and deploying code to production on your first day. Seeing it live from anywhere in the world. Then we concentrate on building an interactive CV from scratch using nothing but HTML and CSS.

    You’ll learn about source control and deployment - you'll be proud to see your website live on the internet that employers, friends and family can see on any device or laptop!

    • Using GIT and NPM
    • VSCode introduction
    • CSS/HTML fundamentals
    • Layout and colour
    • Responsive design
    • Using CSS Pre-Processors
    • Accessibility
  • Web Interactivity

    Once you’ve got the hang of the basics of website development, we spend time focussing on how to make web applications interactive. You’ll learn how to write clean JavaScript that’s easy to read and understand. You’ll challenge yourself to meet the tasks set by your trainers and pass automated tests that ensure your code meets all the requirements.

    • Bootstrap
    • jQuery
    • JavaScript fundamentals
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Unit Testing
    • Using automated tests
    • Typescript
  • Soft Skills

    _nologists aren’t here just to learn how to code. We want to help them improve in all aspects of their professional life. Key business skills like stakeholder management and presentation style is fundamental to long term success.

    You'll spend a full week working on all the things that make you a rounded professional, and at the end of the week give a 10 minute 'TED' talk to a guest speaker.

    • Presentation coaching
    • Soft skills introduction
    • Assertiveness
    • Active listening
    • Organisation
    • Focus
    • Professionalism
    • Stress management
    • Conflict resolution
  • JS Frameworks, Libraries & Backend Services

    JavaScript is one of the most flexible and common programming languages in the world, used in robotics, apps, websites and hardware. It is quickly becoming essential to the success of any professional developer. Inspired by Facebook's approach to software development, we use React, Redux and Firebase to quickly build web-apps in an industry standard way - setting you up to use similar technologies in your development career.

    • Setting up React
    • React fundamentals
    • Using JSX
    • Components and state
    • Creating a web application
    • Application State with Redux
    • Web requests with Axios
    • Persisting data using Firebase
    • Deployment
    • Unit testing
  • Job Ready

    In our Job Ready week we get you ready for your next developer role. We pair you with a mentor who will work with you to ensure that you nail that all-important interview. At the end of the course, we demo our course projects to guest speakers and even introduce you to prospective employers.

    • Job seeking technique
    • Interview technique
    • Mock interviews
    • LinkedIn
    • CV coaching
    • Soft skill review
    • Project demos
  • Consolidation

    It’s really important to ensure that students have learnt all the concepts taught on the course. We spend 2 weeks working on helping you become the best developer you could possibly be. We validate and improve your knowledge to make sure you understand all concepts both as a group and individually using a consolidation assessment where you will build an entire app yourself, with no help in less than 2 days!

    • Making code awesome using clean code principles
    • Improving code quality with Test Driven Development
    • Consolidation Assessment
    • Designing and understanding Systems Architecture
    • Cyber security fundamentals
    • Networking fundamentals

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Through our partnership with industry leading tech recruitment company, Opus Talent Solutions, we have links to all kinds of companies. Whether hiring a _nologist, putting current employees on our course or partnering with us.

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