Retrain in Tech | Become a Cloud Consultant

Become a Junior Cloud Engineer with _nology. Receive all the training and support that you'll need, to quickly progress from entry-level engineer to a certified Cloud Engineer with an unlimited earning potential!

The Programme

Anyone can join our 18-month Technology Consultancy Programme - spend 12 weeks on our fully-funded (free!) immersive training programme.

The initial 12-week training module focuses on coding principles, agile working & digital transformation. You’ll learn the fundamentals of cloud engineering.

You will then begin your 18 month placement at one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, where you'll receive a starting salary of £24,000 – £30,000, with pay rises every 6 months.

Programme Features

Fully-funded (free!)

500+ Hours

Fully Remote

Specialist coach

in 12 weeks

Starting salary
£24 -£30k


  • During your training programme, you’ll study full-time before transitioning to join a client project.
  • You’ll form part of an agile training team, learning by doing. We’ll spend time understanding how software products are built in different companies in different industries. This will allow you to be able to solve complex problems with simple solutions – focusing on adaptability in a cloud engineering role.
  • Your team will become a tight-knit group over the fully immersive training period before integrating into the wider tech sector.


  • Upon successful completion of your funded training, you’ll receive  a conditional job placement. We’ll look to place you as a Junior Cloud Engineer with one of our UK clients in an office based, hybrid or remote role.
  • As a Cloud Engineer in your new role, you’ll work on meaningful and innovative projects, powered by the latest technologies and industry best practices. You’ll be partnering on projects for a range of companies, from large enterprises to start-ups, deploying Cloud solutions at scale, and working on innovative, cutting-edge applications of new technologies.
  • You’ll receive a competitive salary of £24,000 – £28,000, with pay rises every 6 months.
  • You’ll have the option to stay with the client after 18 months.

Selection Criteria

No previous tech experience is required to join our programme! If you’re hardworking and determined, you could have the perfect set of skills to transfer into a fastpaced, exciting career in tech after just 12 weeks:
• Great communication skills
• Strong, creative problem-solving skills
• Ability to learn independently as well as in a group environment
• Passion to understand how technology influences our lives, and how to make it better
• Ambitious self-starter, hardworking, and eager to learn

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Applications closed until Early October 2022 - Register your details below and the team will be in touch when admissions for our next course open.